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Create a unique Avatar that’s totally you

One avatar, multiple worlds, endless possibilities
Be yourself, using VIVE Avatar

Dream it. Be it.

Express your true self by creating your unique Avatar. Manifest your wildest dreams by customizing your ultimate digital identity in VIVERSE.

All kinds of full-body avatars

Express yourself like never before! Use the online avatar maker to design your very own virtual character.

Show off your collection

Discover, collect, and show off digital outfits and accessories created by leading brands and designers to express your unique style.

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Import or Download Your VRM Avatar

VIVERSE supports the standardized VRM file format for 3D avatars. Import VRM avatars to VIVERSE or download Avatar in VIVERSE for use on other platforms.

Be yourself anywhere

Avatar lets you access your saved avatars all throughout VIVERSE. Get the look you want, when you want, where you want.